As soon as we got on the zoom call with Amber and Kyle, we just knew that they were our kind of people. Not only are they both airline pilots and travel the world #lifegoals but they also have such a passion for life. They are such fun loving people and we are SO excited for their wedding next year.

Amber was flying a 747 in Hongkong and Turkey when Kyle met her. He was “jumping a ride” (which in pilot speak means riding in the jump seat of the airplane) on his way to some amazing place that us mere mortals can only dream of. They got to talking and realized that they were living the same life of travel and adventure, so why not team up? The rest is history!

I’m sure I can speak for every photographer when I say that an airplane engagement session is a HUGE bucket list item. Just think… awesome vintage airplanes, the sun setting in the background, and a couple so blatantly in love! Amber was able to make my wildest dreams come true! She arranged with the Museum of Mountain Flying to get us on the tarmac for a bit with the coolest vintage airplanes. I was definitely nerding out, learning about the airplanes and seeing them up close.

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