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If you’re dreaming about eloping off the beaten path, an elopement day that is 100% about you and your partner, and experiencing a place like no other, then you need to elope in Southern Iceland! As Charles Muntz notoriously said in the movie, Up, “Adventure is out there!” YAASSSS!!! We know that although the details of an elopement day are completely different from a large traditional wedding, it’s still a lot to plan! We are completely on board and here to help. You can read about our favorite AirBnBs in Iceland, the best hikes and ceremony locations in Southern Iceland, and our sample timeline!

Hiking elopements are our speciality, so you know we’ll come in clutch with the best hiking elopement locations in Iceland (including a sneak peek of a larger Iceland Highlands guide… heeeey!). We’ll tell you what to pack, what time of year is the best to go, and of course special activities you could do on your elopement. 

Pro tip: book a two day Iceland elopement package with us to get in all the adventure you can handle! 

Read, helicopter rides over a volcano, big hike to the top of a waterfall, ice cave tours, northern light hunts, whale watching, bathe in the Blue Lagoon (or any of the other natural hot springs) or even snorkel in the Silfra rift! It is truly a collaborative effort, we will share where to elope in Southern Iceland, and you tell us what your perfect elopement looks like!

get inspired with this real southern iceland elopement at reynisfjara beach

making it legal 

Here’s the deal – you can either get legally married in Iceland, or get legally married in the US and have your symbolic elopement in Iceland. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how to elope in Southern Iceland, know that we are here to help you, and it’s quite literally our job to make this part stress-free and easy for you to plan for. 

Here is how you can legally elope in Iceland: First, plan to submit the necessary documents at least three weeks before your wedding date – you can do this through email! Just make sure you have all your original documents to provide for the authorities no later than five days before your wedding date in Iceland. Then, decide on an officiant (Iceland recognizes both religious and non-religious ceremonies!), who you want to be there (if more than you two), and away you go!

Documents you’ll need to elope in Southern Iceland 

Marriage Notification (this is Iceland’s marriage license)

Birth certificates of both partners

Certificate of marital status 

Divorce or Widow Certificate/Documentation (if applicable)

Valid passports of both parties

If you’d rather legally get married in the US, or the above process creates stress for you and your partner, head down to your local courthouse, sign the deal, and celebrate your love with your vows during a symbolic ceremony in Iceland! With this option, you won’t have to worry about the costs associated with having a celebrant, the Iceland registry paperwork, or obtaining certificates of marital status. 

Truly – we’re here to help you through either of these options! 

All measures at the Icelandic border due to COVID-19 have been lifted as of 25 February 2022.

How to elope in Southern Iceland, top elopement location trends of 2022, Iceland Elopement, Wedding couple walks on black Beach Vic. A sandy beach with black sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Huge frothy waves. The groom hugs the bride.

Plan your Trip

Before we get going on the details, we need to know what time of year you’re going to have this epic trip. Iceland is an absolute paradise no matter when you go, but you should know that weather in Iceland can be unpredictable. Winter conditions can often mean canceled tours and roads that you’ll want a four wheel drive car to navigate. 

When to Elope in Southern Iceland

The good news is, there is no bad time to get married in Iceland! Each season has its perks so it’s up to you to decide what you are looking for. 

Game of Thrones esq fur coats your vibe? Say helllooo to Winter!  

Are beautiful autumn colors and less tourist traffic your jam? That would be Fall. 

Our adventure peeps that take advantage of longer days to enjoy all activities? Summer is your boo.

Want a compromise in tourist traffic, daylight hours, steady weather, and a shot to see the Northern Lights? Spring is the great equalizer. 

For a month by month breakdown, check out Iceland Wedding Planner.

how to elope in Southern Iceland, top elopement location trends of 2022, Iceland Elopement. The groom plays the guitar sitting on the grass, at the improvised wedding table, the bride in a white dress and woollen plaid - dancing next to each other.

Where to Stay When You Elope in Southern Iceland

There are plenty of options for where to stay in Southern Iceland. You can keep it old school with a hotel, a little room service and a lot of bubble baths. You can go full adventure mode and pitch a tent under the Northern Lights. Orrrr you can live like the Icelanders do, in their homes. 

Our Air BnB Picks

If you’re coming with a crew, tiny houses in Vik, Iceland is a fun choice. The four cabins side by side keep the party together and going all throughout the night.

For those looking for a true getaway experience, the Cabin in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland offers privacy and incredible views.

If modern is your thing, the Skandinavian house in Elf town, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland is in the center of town with access to shops and restaurants.

Wherever you sleep, we will be there with you the next day to start the adventure!

how to elope in Southern Iceland, The wedding couple sits on the bank of a mountain river, at a table for a wedding dinner. The groom plays and sings for the bride.

Okay, you have your plan. But where do you say ‘I do’?

Háifoss Waterfall

Here’s the time in your life when you DO want to go chasing waterfalls. Háifoss waterfall is a breathtaking option. You will need four wheel drive to get there and since the road isn’t serviced during the winter, June – September is the time to go. After you park, the falls are about a fifteen minute walk. If you are ready for an adventure, throw on that hiking backpack and head that extra 90 minutes out on foot to see the bottom of the falls. Check out one explorer’s experience

Northern Lights (IE Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon)

Okay, okay, we know, part of the thrill of Iceland is a chance at the Northern Lights. While you may see them from a variety of locations, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is said to be THE BEST! Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon lies by the Vatnajokull glacier. You can drive to the lagoon along the Ring Road from Vik (remember the place with the cute tiny houses listed above?) or find one of the black sand beaches of South Iceland to enjoy the view of the lights dancing across the sky. Guide to Iceland has all the deets.

bonus: American’s guide to eloping in Iceland

Gatklettur, The Stone Bridge

The rock formation, highlighted by a natural stone arch, is over the Atlantic Ocean. Only those comfortable with heights should attempt this location. The Stone Bridge is part of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which is said to be one of seven “energy chakras” in the world. On the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is also where you will find the Búðir Church. Perfect for any goth wedding dreams you may have!

Looking for MORE Options, check out Iceland in our Top Elopement Location Trends of 2022.

As Your Hiking Buddies, We Gotchu Covered with Gear Insight

Some adventurous elopements call for a bit more gear. If you’re hiking you may want to consider a backpack to hold your extra layers, water, snacks, vow books, etc. 

When purchasing a backpack, get one with sturdy hip straps to help take the weight off of your shoulders. You can even buy one second-hand to save on costs! Check out your local REI for in-person “garage sales” or shop REI Garage for discounted (but still great!) gear. 

Headlamps are a must if you’re hiking in the dark before sunrise or after sunset (gotta get those epic shots and enjoy the views!!). They also make for epic stargazing photos. Also did we mention the CAVES in Southern Iceland? Behind theSeljalandsfoss – Gljufrafoss Waterfalls is a small cave proving that headlamps are a must for these adventures.

Make sure to drink plenty of water! Staying hydrated will help keep you from getting altitude sickness and is essential when hiking. Carry water with you in a hydration pack or Nalgene. For longer hikes, we recommend bringing a water filtration system like the Sawyer Mini. Also snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Avoiding the HANGRY is a priority on wedding day.

Take a peek at our Ultimate Adventure Elopement Gear Guide for all your gear FAQs.

adventure elopement gear guide

As your hiking buddies, these hikes are the crème de la crème

Skógafoss Waterfall

Skõgarfoss Waterfall is rated #1 across many independent websites. It’s located next to the main road and has featured in many films from Thor to Walter Mitty. Skõgarfoss Waterfall is considered a moderately challenging route, and takes an average of 2 h 28 min to complete. The route is also used to reach the Thórsmörk valley via the Fimmvörðuháls pass. This is an extended hike where you can see the huge canyon above the waterfall.(PSSSTTT the Skógafoss Waterfall is listed in our sample timeline below because we know you want to check it out).

Seljalandsfoss – Gljufrafoss Waterfalls

Seljalandsfoss is located in the South Region in Iceland right by Route 1 and the road that leads to Þórsmörk Road 249. The waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls and natural wonders in Iceland. The waterfall drops 60 m (197 ft) and is part of the Seljalands River that has its origin in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull. Gljufrafoss is located North of  Seljalandsfoss and he’s a little bit smaller. The falls are partially obscured by the cliff rock in a narrow canyon. One of the interesting things about this waterfall is that visitors can walk behind it into a small cave. You know we had to add this to our sample timeline too! At the end of a full day, is there anything better than dancing in a cave with your one true love? We think not!

Want Another Adventure When You Elope in Southern Iceland

It has to be Pink Iceland.The South Shore Safari / Private Tour has you seeing farms, beaches, volcanoes, glaciers, and hidden waterfalls. Now dropping our second GOT reference for the guide – this tour includes the magnificent Skógafoss in front of which Jon Snow and Daenerys shared a passionate kiss in the last season of Game of Thrones. Did we mention Pink Iceland is run by members of the LGBTQ+ community and commit themselves to contributing to the Queer communit  in whatever they we can? Um YEAH! Those are our people.

fully planned southern iceland elopement timeline

Ready to find out where to elope in Southern Iceland? The timeline below lists out a dream schedule. Reach out with your own thoughts on what would make it more YOU!

10:00am – Couple starts getting ready; HoneyBee Weddings arrives to capture sweet, intimate moments and details.

11:00am – Couple has first look, pops a bottle of champagne, we take photos of you at your AirBnB while you swoon over each other. (I mean, check these out: Secluded Lake Home, Seaside Getaway, Garden Cottage, Luxury Glacier Home, Central Reykjavik Home. Hellooooooo!!) 

11:45am – Head on out to the location where we will park before the big adventure begins. See something you like on the way? Stop, Drop, and Shoot those photos! We’re on your timeline, you call the shots.

1:15pm – Hike to find perfect ceremony spot

1:45pm – YOU. GET. MARRIED!!! We explore a little after your sweet ceremony and take photos of you two as you enjoy marital bliss. 

2:15pm – Champagne pop! We might have double champagne in this timeline because we are big on the celebratory fizz. 

2:30pm – Portraits, soaking in that just married feeling

3:15pm – Get some food at a local brewery. No better way to see the culture and chat with locals!

4:15pm – Full of food and bursting with love, we are ready to adventure to a second location and photo op. This is when having a summer elopement comes in handy with the longer days.  

5:45pm –  Arrive somewhere gorg, like the Skogafoss Waterfall, soak in the epic waterfall views, explore!!

6:15pm – Hike back to the car.

6:45pm – Now, let’s add in a third spot. WHEN IN ICELAND, AMIRIGHT? Next, with light still seeping into the evening, a trip to Seljandsfoss Waterfall/Gljufrabui Cave seems like the perfect way to top off the day.

7:15pm – Arrive at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Parking

8:30pm – Hike up to Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you explore the falls, kick your shoes off for a first dance and cut into some sweet cake. 

The beauty of a full day elopement is there is no ‘standard elopement’ that we’ll recommend for you, and this is YOUR day to choose what you’ll do and experience together. Check out more of our tips for planning your full day elopement.

how to elope in Southern Iceland, top elopement location trends of 2022, Iceland Elopement. Happy stylish smiling couple walking and kissing in Iceland , on their wedding day.

Southern Iceland elopement packages

We would be absolutely thrilled and honored to help plan and capture your magical Iceland Elopement. Right now, TODAY, we offer a HUGE discount on photography and videography for the right couple in the right location. If you’re asking that daunting question, “Where to elope in Southern Iceland?” we gottchu! Sooo… Iceland anyone?! Message us and let’s set up a time to chat over coffee – we can’t wait to hear what your elopement dreams are!

South Iceland elopement at Reynisfjara beach
How to elope in Iceland

Wedding couple walks on black Beach Vic. A sandy beach with black sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Huge frothy waves. The groom hugs the bride.
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