We’re obsessed with Glacier National Park. We have been long standing advocates of Glacier photos whether it’s Spring, Summer, or Fall. We once snuck in a Winter elopement with three feet of snow. Yes, you can have a Glacier National Park elopement in Winter. Our first couple we reflect on had a flood situation. Our point is, you never know WHAT you are going to get, be sure to use an experienced Glacier Park elopement photographer and be ready for some adaptability! We’ve rounded up our top 8 glacier national park elopement inspiration below! While these aren’t all elopements, all are a kick ass time and we can talk about any of the photos that fit your vibe. This includes planning your own elopement, engagement, 2 day wedding, day after session, etc. 

Along with taking pretty freaking awesome photos, we help our couples with the planning. However, for those looking to fly solo, do yourself a favor and check out Going-to-the-Sun Road when planning. This will help if you are researching where I can elope near Glacier National Park? The entire road does not usually open until late June at the earliest. The alpine sections of Going-to-the-Sun Road typically close for the winter around the third Monday of October, but this can happen earlier due to wintery weather. 

Glacier, with all the unpredictable, beautiful elements, is a great landscape for whichever stage you are celebrating! There is a reason it made our list of best US mountain elopement locations. Here are our top 8 (thanks Myspace) Glacier sessions.

Proposals, our Glacier National Park elopement inspiration

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, adventure

Glacier Proposal at McDonald Creek

So here’s the sitch, Connor and Becky flew from New York to Denver to Bozeman, then drove 5+ hours to the Whitefish / Kalispell area of Montana. Not a quick journey. Connor and Becky had planned on going on a hike to Avalanche Lake. An excellent choice, we know.

That area floods DAYS before Connor and Becky come out. Ohmygosh, could be a disaster, but we pivot! The stakes are high, Connor is here, and he’s so invested in making it a once in a lifetime moment. Being an expert in the area, we present Connor the option of a Glacier proposal at McDonald Creek. It’s 5.5 miles with a gorgeous boulder outcropping at the end. SO COOL. You can also catch a beautiful view of Mount Stanton in the back, how’s that for some Glacier National Park elopement inspiration. 

The hike was very lush – total fern gully vibes. That classic PNW feels. They reach the end of the hike and have a couple snacks, enjoying their break. The pounding water of McDonald Creek is ROARING. The water is high and lightly turquoise and bubbling. Beaautifullll!

Connor sneaks the ring in his back pocket and gets down on one knee. She is SHOCKED, AMAZED, STOKED! They pop champagne and celebrate! We are dancing like boom, clap, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on and on and on and on. Connor wanted this once in a lifetime, secluded, quiet moment, that he can share with his future wife to really kick off this chapter of their lives and he did it!!

Pssst this won’t be the last you hear of Connor and Becky. After an exciting Glacier proposal, they are coming BACK to Glacier for a 2 day wedding this June.

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, surprise proposal

Surprise Hiking Proposal at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, surprise proposal

Dalton and Janea plan a trip to Glacier National Park. While Janea is down for the adventure, only Dalton knows that this is the time to pop the question. Helllloooo surprise hiking proposal at Avalanche Lake. 

I start the hike an hour before the couple to make sure I am at the lake before they get there. I know it’s them as soon as they get there because I asked Dalton for a selfie of the two of them, and a picture of their backpack. It’s all very scientific. 

I scout out the best place for me to hideout to get the perfect view. He gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry him. She says YES! She says yes with happy tears and hugs! YES at the top of a mountain. She says yes to the epic adventure. This surprise proposal was one for the books. I think the laughter and happy tears speak for themselves. After the proposal, Dalton spoiled Janele with another surprise: an engagement photo session to celebrate! A true planner, we love to see it. 

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration – Engagement Photos

Many Glacier Engagement Session

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration

Mark and Lauren said YES to each other, and then YES to all the fun photos! They were such great sports during this session and represented what it really means for our sessions to be an experience NOT a photo shoot. We start with a short hike, to a BEAUTIFUL flowing stream. Insert epic photos to hang in their living room. At the base of the water they dip there toes in, pull each other close, and the water is looking so peaceful behind them.

Call me Champagne Papi because I, with absolute grace, unleash the bottle of bubbly from my backpack. Mark pops it and the couple enjoys a little break while we cheers together. As the daylight starts to fade, it is time for our lantern photos! Mark and Lauren REALLY get into these and the photos are rad, we are having a great time, and I just literally, can’t with how much fun it is. Which of these photos serves at your  Glacier National Park elopement inspiration? Psst if you are looking for less stream more lake, Bowman Lake and Lake McDonald are great areas to check out.

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration

Engagement kickoff Lake McDonald 

When Cassidie wanted a Glacier National Park adventure session in the middle of winter, we KNEW they were our kind of people. We met them at the Izaak Walton Inn for a beer and shuffleboard and it was basically a day we’d relive over and over. They were so much fun to laugh with and you could just tell that their relationship was full of laughter. Not only can Cassidie and Kelsey both sing every Disney song word for word, buuut we’re all hockey fans too! Could this couple get more perfect? No. No we think not.

After drinks, we went into the park to experience what it’s like in winter in Glacier National Park. There was snow on the ground, but the sun was out and it was such a beautiful day. We were able to explore near Belton Bridge and walk the shores of Lake McDonald. The wind picked up in the evening so Cassidie’s burgundy dress blew in the breeze! It was basically magical. We brought the couple some champagne to pop during their session and Cassidie popped that cork like a Stanley Cup champion. #hockeynerd. What a beautiful way to start their engagement!

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, engagement session
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, engagement session

Logan Pass Adventure Session

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, engagement session

Katie and Kellen were SO much fun. They brought energy and some traditional femineity not always associated with Glacier Nation Park! Katie stunned in her shorter dress and strappy heals. Kellen opted for a warm flannel paired with jeans. I love it when couples are true to their styles when they come for photos. It makes them feel more comfortable and confident. We had a mix of photos highlighting them and the beautiful landscape, as well as a lot of flirty photos which turn out great! You gotta get that flirt on with your partner.

Honeymoon Session at Logan Pass & Lake McDonald

Addie and Josh enjoyed a large traditional wedding, then the mountains called them to Glacier National Park for their personal afterparty! A treasure, an icon, a fashionista, Addie KILLED this honeymoon session. We have incredible photos in her dress, peep the mesh cut out on the side. For her casual photos she breaks out the denim jacket rocking her new last name, ayyyye get it girl. She also shows off these adorable short boots that we NEED the link to. A honeymoon session is a great option for our couples who don’t want to choose between an elopement and a big wedding. You want it, you got it!! Two is also better than one IMO.

2 Day Weddings

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, adventure session

2 day glacier national park wedding

Think a glacier park elopement (our usual jam), but make it a full blown wedding and add an adventure session. Two times the fun for your Glacier National Park elopement inspiration! That was the magic we created with Tori and Mitchell. Their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding was a full celebration, we’re talking no keg left untapped. Their 2 days in Glacier included a killer bridal party, delicious cake, and a day after adventure session. The amount of special moments we can capture with our two day elopement photography is second to none! 

Wild Montana Wedding planning and design orchestrated the entire wedding day! Look familiar? It’s me, hi, I’m the planner, it’s me! Our mission was to break out of the cookie cutter wedding and do something fun, adventurous, and that SCREAMED Tori and Mitchell. But maybe more Tori because she’s loud and a ton of fun. Our favorite kind of bride!

Tori and Mitchell’s vision was a black and white affair, so you know they have great taste right off the bat. Their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding took place outside at the Park View Pavilion which overlooks the beautiful Livingston Range in Glacier National Park. There were incredible views and this BIG open atmosphere. Surrounded by nature and love and just endlesssss possibilities. It was magic on the mountains. 

After months of planning, coordination, vendor selection, and so much fun designing and styling their wedding, we are more sad than usual to say goodbye. GOOD THING WE DON’T HAVE TO BECAUSE WE STILL HAVE DAY TWO!

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, 2 day wedding

The Morning After… Glacier National Park elopement inspiration Adventure Session

Welcome to the morning after! Our adventure champions won’t let a couple bottles keep them down! For the second half of their 2 day Glacier National Park wedding we trek to the best stops for Tori and Mitchell’s adventure session. We cruise up to Sacred Dancing Cascade waterfall with our couple in their wedding attire.Tori is looking incredible in her intricate wedding dress, I thought she couldn’t wear it any better than she did during the wedding but BAM, out in nature where you can tell Tori feels really comfortable, it feels so right.

We explore and soak in the adventure of the day, during which, we find this super cool red rock surrounded by pools of deep blue water. The pools have kind of accumulated and then you’re able to rock hop from place to place. It’s a very different view than what you’re used to getting in Glacier National Park. We love that they’ll be able to look back on this day and know they got to experience something special!

Our last stop on their adventure session was Lake McDonald on the shore. Tori and Mitchell look like the happiest pair. We are able to capture some sweet moments, a few steamy moments of her pulling him in for a kiss, and some beautiful moments on the shore where they literally are the only ones in the world. It was the most perfect day! 

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, adventure session

While their adventure session took place in the Fall, a Glacier National Park adventure session at Lake McDonald in Winter is also beautiful. Just bring your windbreaker between shots!

Day After a National Park Elopement Session

Lake McDonald Sunrise 

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, elopement session

The first thing you’re probably asking is, “Kels, what is a day after session and why do I need one?” Well, chickadee, it’s basically one of my favorite things! It’s a session where we get you all dolled up again, get that dress back on (as IF we need an excuse) and go take some more pictures the day or two after your wedding day. They can be photographed any time after the wedding day, really. There is only so much time on the wedding day, so getting those photos in the epic place you wanted might not be able to happen.

Rachel & Danny’s wedding was beautiful and so much fun. After all the guests were gone and it was just them two, it was a whole other layer of magic. Rachel’s dress was straight up GORGEOUS. The floral design was woven top to bottom. The spaghetti straps highlighted her shoulders. Her hair braided at the top, falling at the bottom was whimsical. Her HUSBAND, Danny, was looking dapper in his suspenders and pink tie. Both of them, I mean OHMYGOSH a couple to treasure.

We went, legit, went everywhere and created some serious Glacier National Park elopement inspiration. The day after session in Glacier National Park was so romantic, even with the rain falling down. We were in the park before the sun and it was totally worth it! We captured them laughing hand in hand along the pebbled beach. On a bridge overlooking the water. Dancing by the trees. And my favorite – all cuddled up close together. They are ready to build their next chapter as husband and wife after their day after session.

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, elopement session
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, elopement session
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, day after session
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration, elopement session

Turn Our Glacier National Park Elopement Inspiration into Your Reality

If you are wondering what is unique about Glacier National Park, one of the things we love is all the different places you can explore, and all the stages in life that are heightened by it! We have elopements, engagements, 2 day weddings, day after sessions, we once even had a gender reveal. If you can dream it, GPN (and us!) can deliver it.

Are you ready to get the hell out there and have an EPIC wedding and two day adventure?! We are your PEOPLE to take you from 0 to 3,200 feet elevation. If you have trouble breathing, it’s just the love absorbing all of your regular oxygen. And drink some water. There are so many different kinds of sessions and different places even WITHIN Glacier. Hopefully this Glacier National Park elopement inspiration gave you more of a direction with your own planning! Psst if you are looking for a Glacier Point Wedding that is actually in Yosemite, not GPN. All the more reason to partner with an experienced elopement photographer. We will always point you in the right direction. Are you ready to contact us? We can’t wait to start working on your dream!

If you’re not ready to commit (to us) yet, start with our wedding ceremony locations in Glacier National Park. It is a great resource for couples who want to learn about all of the options in the park.

Glacier National Park elopement inspiration
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration with a Glacier engagement session
Glacier National Park elopement inspiration with a 2 day adventure wedding

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