Where to elope in Sayulita. Playa de los Muertos.

When you close your eyes and you envision your elopement, do you see crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, plenty of local food (ahem, tacos?!), and culture all around you? If the answer was a “heck yes!” then Sayulita, Mexico is the perfect place for you. With secluded jungle hikes, hidden beaches, and over 40 restaurants and plenty of nightlife, this little destination getaway has all you need to marry your best friend. Sayulita is hands down one of our favorite beach locations to explore and adventure with our couples! Dancing to a mirache band definitely made our 100 things to do on your elopement day list! We’ve spent over a month there, so if you want the local’s experience, we can tell you ALL about how to elope in Sayulita Mexico.

Sayulita really is an adventurers paradise! Hike the jungle trails or search for the hidden beaches (we gottchu!). The main beach in Sayulita can get crowded, so we definitely recommend finding your way to your own hidden hideaway. The dirt roads just outside of town lead you through the jungle.

how to get to Sayulita, Mexico

The closest airport to Sayulita is the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. There are direct flights from major US cities, but watch for the prices because it can be expensive during the busy season. December is a cheap time to fly to Puerto Vallarta. Get just a bit of cash from the exchange counter before you leave. The exchange rate there isn’t as good as an ATM, so just get enough to get you by. When you leave the airport, you might find timeshare hawkers at the exit, claiming you have to talk with them before you can leave. Keep walking to outside the terminal to find your transportation.

Sayulita is located 21 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. To get there, you can take the bus or hire an Uber. An Uber is about 500 pesos, which is $24 dollars. It takes a little over an hour to get from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita. You’ll need to leave the airport, take a left, and walk to cross a pedestrian sky bridge where you meet your Uber driver. Uber drivers aren’t allowed in the airport terminal.

You can also take a bus to Sayuilta. The bus is really cheap – about 35 pesos, $1.70! If you don’t have much luggage, this is a safe and cheap option. Buses run every 20 minutes and are located over the pedestrian sky bridge. Keep in mind that these are commuter buses, so there are no luggage wracks or places to store your surfboard. Look for the buses that say Compostela on the side.

best time to elope in Sayulita Mexico

You can plan, plan, plan, but something that is outside of your control is the weather. We always look at average temperatures in Sayulita before planning an elopement, but here’s the scoop. Sayulita is in a tropical climate, and right on the ocean, so be aware of heavy rainfall months of July through October.

Rain in Sayulita: September is the wettest month in Sayulita. Summers are much rainier than winters.

Sun in Sayulita: The warmest month is July with average temperatures around 90º. Beware there will be some rain as well. July and August are the sunniest months in Sayulita.

The cheapest time to elope to Sayulita Mexico is by far in December. Although it’s still a little busier around the holidays, flights are generally cheap and the weather averages 75º. If you’ve been looking for the perfect winter elopement location, Mexico is hands down the best option!

how to make it legal

You can either have a civil ceremony in Mexico, or you can make the marriage legal back home in the states and host your celebration and vows in Mexico. If you decide to get married when you elope to Sayulita Mexico, you’ll need a valid passport (duh) and request a marriage permit from Mexican Immigration. Once you’ve done these things, the marriage can be performed at the Civil Registry Office. The nearest Civil Registry Office to Sayulita is in Jalisco. Start this process months in advance to avoid delays. Every state in Mexico requires a blood test before marriage, and some also require a chest x-ray too. You must conduct these tests within Mexico.

During the ceremony, you’ll need four witnesses present.

how much does it cost to elope in Mexico?

Sure, the cost of eloping to Mexico will definitely depend on where you’re flying from and what time of year you’re going. It’s popular to have a wedding at a resort that offer flexible wedding planning packages, but we like the events planned by local Mexico wedding planners the best. That way, you get the full unique experience, not just another cookie cutter Mexico elopement.

The average cost of a wedding at a 4.5 star hotel for 45 guests (excluding accommodation) is $10,300 – $20,000. Considering the average wedding cost in the USA is $28,000, even at the highest end of the spectrum, Mexico is a really cost effective option. According to Wise, here’s a breakdown of how much you’ll pay:

3 night’s stay for 45 guests:

ItemApproximate Cost
3 nights accommodation for 45 guests$11,500
Reception Site$875
Wedding Planner$900
Photography/Videography Team (we added this one in!)$10,000

pro tip: customize your elopement with a splash of local culture

Not only is Sayulita a cool little surfer beach town, but it also explodes with local culture. You’ll see colorful flags, handwoven textiles, and local food. Give yourselves the real experience and add some splash into your elopement day. Here are our favorite ideas on how to add culture to your elopement day:

Hire a Mariachi Band

Release wish lanterns

Incorporate local flowers & greenery into your wedding bouquet

Use Mexican textiles to dress the tables

Add a taco station, tequila shot table, or margarita bar

Decorate with paper picato – colorful, hand-cut banners

Incorporate the lasso at your ceremony – the lasso is a ribbon adorned with flowers placed around the couples’ necks after they’ve exchanged vows.

Traditional Mexican wedding cake – cake is soaked in fruits and rum, then filled with pineapple, nuts and coconut.

best elopement locations in Sayulita Mexico

You can get married right on the beach or choose just one of the ah-mazing wedding venues in Sayulita for your elopement or micro wedding. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can rent a yacht and get married as you sail into the sunset. That’s the best way to elope in Sayulita Mexico! Let’s be honest, there is so many fun things to do in Sayulita, that you could easily make your elopement day an all day adventure! To help with your decision, we’ll give you our top five wedding venues in Sayulita and our top 5 favorite beaches!

top 5 wedding venues in Sayulita

01. Villa Valentin

Villa Valentin is the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. The 8 bedroom resort sits on top of the hill, overlooking the ocean. The seaside bungalow hosts 18 people max and ranges from $1250 to $3000 per night. You can bring in your favorite family and friends, or keep the place all to yourself. There are two pools outside as well as an outdoor bar. The covered reception space is perfect for your celebratory dinner! This is our all time FAVORITE Sayulita wedding venue!

Images from Villa Valentin

02. Playa Secreta

Playa Secreta translates to Secret Beach… enough said! They have six romantic wedding venue locations with a secret beach where you’ll get seclusion for your wedding ceremony. Playa Secreta also offers accommodation options for your guests so everyone can stay together. Locations include 3 beach front options, one ocean view with a beach club (it’s right across the street from the beach), a Garden Villa, and a Terrace. You can choose your favorite venue to fit your wedding goals. Playa Secreta has a 20 person minimum for elopements.

03. Villa Del Oso

The Villa Del Oso is primarily a vacation rental (ahem, accommodation and wedding venue? Oh okaaaay!), the sprawling lawn and private access to the beach makes this the perfect place. For an elopement or micro wedding, you can pay about $2,500 for access. Picture your sweet wedding ceremony on the beach while the sun sets, and then dinner and drinks, while you listen to the waves. Sounds about right.

04. Flor De Playa

Flor De Playa is a great option if you want accommodations onsite. Not only is there great beach access, but the lush jungle gardens will straight up teleport you to a tropical paradise. The 3 bedroom/bathroom beachfront home is at the north end of the beach. There’s a pool (because what’s a Sayulita elopement without a pool??) and a fully stocked kitchen for those late night snacks. The owners are local Sayulita residents who’ve lived there for 20 years.

05. Don Pedro’s Palapa

Don Pedro’s Palapa is located on the south point of the main beach, right on the water. The food there is hands down one of the best in Sayulita! Our favorite is their pizza and their seafood! GET. IT. The lawns surround the covered dining and dance space. Tables and chairs are included in the rental that you get from 9am-midnight. At high season, you would be paying $3,630 max. If you chose a weekday or low season, (helloooo June – October) you will get a cheaper price. Don’t forget to take them up on catering!

top 5 beaches in Sayulita

01. Playa de Carricitos

Playa de Carricitos is a hidden beach that’s a 30 minute walk through the jungle. We definitely recommend going with someone who knows the area (ah heeeey adventure buddies!) before attempting this beauty on your own. The hike is definitely worth it. As soon as you get to the beach, you’ll be welcomed by soft sand, clear blue waters, and rocks coming out of the sand. If you’re wondering how to elope in Sayulita Mexico on the beach, it’s a much less populated beach and the sunsets there are off the charts.

See more with this Playa de Carricitos elopement.

02. Playa de Los Muertos

The cool thing about Playa de Los Muertos is that you have to walk through a cemetery to get to it. Playa de Los Muertos translates to “Beach of the Dead.” The Mexican culture celebrates death with “The Day of the Dead,” a holiday celebrated in the beginning of November. Again, there’s a bit of a walk to get there. Once you get there, it’s a really fun spot to explore. There’s even a secret little beach we’d love to share on your elopement adventure if you’re up for a little bit of a scramble.

See more from this Playa de Los Muertos adventure session.

03. Playa Patzcuarito

Just a 30 minute walk from the plaza through the jungle, Playa Patzcuarito is an uninterrupted coastline. Black, white, and golden sands can be found in between large boulders. You’re likely to find more people than Playa Malpas (below), but less than Playa de Carricitos at sunset. Playa Patzcuarito has some of the bluest waters of all the beaches.

04. Playa Malpaso

Playa Malpaso is located 2.5 miles north of the main Sayulita beach. The hike is a little bit rocky, walking down the wooded hilside down to the beach. This is one of the only beaches with caves to explore. Keep your valuables close by, as there have been reports of thefts of unattended bags.

05. Playa Sayulita

Sayulita’s main beach, Playa Sayulita is where you can find live Mirache music, local vendors, and is just steps away from restaurants. This is where you can also find surf lessons. It is the most crowded beach in Sayulita, so go in the morning or evening to avoid crowds. Politely say “no, gracias,” to merchants.

all Mexico elopement packages include photography & videography and our travel is covered

Whether you’re looking for a two-day elopement experience (think: two 8 hour days of exploring, adventuring, seeking out secret beaches, whale watching tours, or margarita flights), or a full day elopement experience (up to 12 hours of coverage), we can’t wait to dream up your perfect adventure when you elope in Sayulita Mexico!

Reach out today and let’s get one step closer to the tacos on the beach. We’re here to make those Sayulita Mexico elopement dreams come true for you and your honey!

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