Best of 2021 Elopement Photography

What a straight up epic, adventurous, intimate and gorgeous wedding season 2021 gave to us! We just had to show off these amazing couples in our Best of 2021 Elopement Photography wrap up!

We write these little “best of” posts every year to wrap up the year. Sometimes we feel like those annoying aunties who send out pages and pages of Christmas card letters. Before social media was a thing, obvi. Now you can get that on the daily. But really, now we understand why they wrote those letters. They wrote them because they were so damn proud! Proud of all they’ve been through, the accomplishments of their family (or their fur babies, let’s be honest). The emotional baggage that we’re all still living in with the Covid craziness, and the obstacles they kicked the shit out of.

And like the proud aunties we are, we are so incredibly proud of all our 2021 wedding and elopement couples. They went through so much so they could have the best damn day of their lives. These couples bravely cracked open a brand new chapter in their relationship. They rallied their closest family and friends to them! They celebrated all night in whatever way they wanted, making this the Best of 2021 elopement photography!

these couples bravely cracked open a brand new chapter in their relationship

Jake and I photographed and filmed intimate weddings, adventurous elopements, and madly in love couples all over the US. From mountaintop elopements in Glacier National Park, an epic surprise hiking proposal to Avalanche Lake, chill couples running around on the beaches of California, a sunset boat tour after a full day hiking elopement in Lake Tahoe, star gazing in Arches National Park, two amazing humans and their alpaca friend at Chico Hot Springs, running around the epic rocks in Moab, and water soaked love in the thundering waterfalls in Oregon. To say the least, 2021 was a wild year for weddings and elopements in Montana, Oregon, Utah, and California!

We are so incredibly thankful for our ah-mazing, badass couples who choose us to document their incredible wedding days. We honestly couldn’t have gotten through this crazy af year without you awesome nerds. They opened up their hearts and their families to us on the biggest day of their whole damn lives. It’s truly a humbling experience. To trust us enough with their vulnerability, to document the real and raw emotions. The in between laughing moments, the ugly cry messy tears running down faces. We laugh and we cry. We cry because this day is finally happening for them. We are so humbled and grateful that they trusted us.

Best of 2021 Elopement Photography
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography, Where to elope in Oregon, Oswald West State park, coastal wedding locations in Oregon
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography, questions eloping couples ask
Best of 2021 Elopement Photography

If you’re looking for a wedding day with an epic adventure, reach out!! We are there for all the adventuring!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Ugghhh these are GORGEOUS, my heart is so full looking at them!! And I LOVE your GIFS.

  2. I love these! The socks, the dogs, the llama (alpaca?). So many beautiful couples making amazing memories!! The gif on the boat might be my fave 😍

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      OMG the alpaca was the HIGHLIGHT of the year!! He was a little sassy, but mostly was there to party! HA!

  3. Julie Haider says:

    So many beautiful and fun elopements! I loved looking through all these photos. Here’s to another great year for you!

  4. Holy smokes these photos are insane! I am obsessed with the boat GIF—-and the llama photo…so freaking cute! Great work last year!

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      The boat gif is one of my all time favorites for sure! It was taken in Lake Tahoe when the couple went on a sunset boat cruise after their hiking elopement. It was MAGICAL! Cheers to 2022 being the best year yet!

  5. Brandi says:

    EPIC collection! These couldn’t get more stunning!!

  6. Nate D. says:

    I am livvvving for these 2021 photos and now I have to follow along with your work because I’ve got FOMO of what you’re going to post in 2022.

    I seriously love the integration of epic landscape couple’s portraits, fun and sweet GIFs, and even the video you created. Amazing work and I look forward to following on your new adventures in 2022!


    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      Oh my gosh NATE!! That is the sweetest thing ever! I can’t wait to follow along with your adventures too! We’re heading to Iceland and Mexico, so it’s already shaping up to be an AH-MAZING year! We have openings in both of those location for shoots… juuuuust sayin!

  7. Will Khoury says:

    The proud aunties analogy is the best haha! What an epic year and so many incredible places!! Loved looking through all the photos, videos, and GIFs!! Beautiful work and hope 2022 is an even more epic year for you!!

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      OMG so you know the proud aunties too?? They’re so real, but so adorable and encouraging so we just had to play along!

      We can’t WAIT for 2022 and I hope it’s an epic year for you as well! Let’s DO THIS!

  8. Amber says:

    Ahhh these are all so amazing Kelsey!!! Happy to see a few of ours in there! We had the BEST time with you and Jake at our wedding, and we are OBSESSED with all the great pictures capturing our happiest memories! It’s so nice seeing so many other happy couples from the past year 🙂

    • Kelsey Gochis says:

      GAH!! You and Kyle’s wedding will always ALWAYS be one of our favorites! We love how open to adventure you are!!

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